Crisis Management

Alternatives for Battered Women in Monroe County

Mission: To enhance the quality of life and empower individuals that are affected or at risk for domestic violence

Contact: Ruth Kramer,  585-232-5200 ext. 234
Volunteer Opportunities: Internships available; One-shot opportunities include: annual phone-a-thon, clerical, Court of Justice, working in playroom.  On-going opportunities include "hot-line counselor," which requires couple of hours of work each week

Cameron Community Ministries

Mission: To provide educational and recreational experiences to build life skills, provide meals to the hungry, and clothe those in need in a neighborhood where significant numbes of families live in poverty
Contact: Karen Wilson, 585-254-2697
Volunteer Opportunities: Helping with afterschool program (reading partners, youth groups), serving hot meals, working in a clothing store, coordinating a donation drive

Center for Dispute Settlements

Program Description: Handles mediation between co-workers, custodial visitation and disputes between landlords and tenants
Contact: Letitia Rosenthal 585-243-7007
Volunteer Opportunities: After completing an interview and and training program, volunteers can work in mediation

Chances and Changes

Mission: To serve victims of domestic violence in Livingston County and operate a battered women's shelter.
Contact: 585-658-3940
Volunteer Opportunities: Work with children and special events


Program Description: Regional food bank that distributes food to a variety of community agencies in the area.
Contact: John Baldanza, 585-328-3380
Volunteer Opportunities: Sort food and prepare packages to be delivered

Habitat for Humanity, Geneseo Student Chapter


Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers can help with the building process or serve as a typist, artist, accountant, etc. Student group is always looking for new members and leaders for their E-board

Habitat for Humanity, Livingston County Chapter

Program Description: Build and renovate simple, decent, affordable housing.
Contact: Ed Carney, 585-335-5634

Rape Crisis

Contact: Michelle Koster 585-658-2370
Volunteer Opportunities: Counsel and advocate for rape or sexual assault victims and their families or friends. Working on a victim support hotline. Training provided.