TIP: Undergraduate

SUNY Geneseo  pleased to offer the Undergraduate TIP (2 pay) plan

Administered by The Office of Student Accounts, TIP is an interest free option that allows Undergraduate students to pay their semester bill in two installments.  A similar plan is offered each semester.



 1st Installment Due2nd Installment Due
Spring SemesterJanuary 2March 1



Educational costs covered under TIP are those charges billed directly by the college (e.g. tuition, fees, room, and board) that are not covered by financial aid (Stafford, Unsubsidized, and Perkins Loans; Pell Grants; SEOG; TAP; and scholarships).

A TIP worksheet and a $25.00 application fee are required for each semester. This cost will be added to your educational costs (see the worksheet sample below).


Tuition and Fees:$3,200.62
T.I.P. Application Fee:+$25.00
Less Tuition Deposit:- $150.00
Less Housing Deposit:- $150.00
Less Financial Aid:-$1,500.00
Balance Due:$6,446.62


$6,446.62 / 2 = $3,223.31 due January 2 and March 1


Courses will be dropped if first payment is not received by January 2.  Payments not received by the March 1 due date are subject to a late fee of up to $50.00.


Click here to complete TIP worksheet online: