The College Senate is composed of 85 to 100 members. The University Faculty Senator, the officers of the Faculty (Presiding Officer, Vice Chair, Past Chair, Secretary, Treasurer), the President of the College (ex officio Chair of the Faculty), the Provost, all Vice Presidents, and the Dean of the College are members of the College Senate by reason of their offices. The administrative faculty are represented by eight senators, two each from Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, and Student Services; one from College Advancement and one elected at-large. Seventeen Senators are representatives of the student body and enjoy full parliamentary rights within the College Senate. The teaching faculty of the College are represented by eighteen Faculty Senators elected at-large apportioned between those with six or fewer years of service and those with six or more years of service. Each College Department is represented in the College Senate by between 1 and 3 senators, according to a formula described in the Constitution.

Rosters for each committee can be found on the page for that committee.

2014-2015 Academic Year ROSTER









Presiding Officer of the Faculty & Chair James McLeanPhysics20142015Executive
Vice ChairJanice LovettBiology20142015Executive
SecretaryJoseph EasterlyMilne Library20142015Executive
TreasurerKodjo Adabra Languages and Lit.20142015Executive
Immediate Past ChairGregg HartvigsenBiology20142015Executive
University Faculty SenatorDennis ShowersSchool of Education20132016Executive


President (non-voting)Carol LongAdministration  Executive
Provost (non-voting)David GordonAdministration  Executive
VP Administration & FinanceJim MilroyAdministration  NA
VP College AdvancementJon HysellAdministration  NA
VP Enrollment ManagementMeaghan ArenaAdministration  NA
VP Student LifeRobert BonfiglioAdministrationNA
Dean of Curric & Academic ServicesSavi IyerAdministration  NA


VP of Student Assn (ex officio)Paul Michael20142015Executive
Undergrad StudentCayley Hallahan20142015UCC
Undergrad StudentJustin Fischer20142015UCC
Undergrad StudentAlexandra Taber20142015UCC
Undergrad StudentStephanie Allen20142015UPC
Undergrad StudentMichael Baranowski20142015UPC
Undergrad StudentYaela Collins20142015UPC
Undergrad StudentTom Hartvigsen20142015SAC
Undergrad StudentKevin Callery20142015SAC
Undergrad StudentAndrew Hayes20142015SAC
Undergrad StudentEmily Gamello20142015SAC
Undergrad StudentAmal Thabateh20142015SAC
Undergrad StudentRachel Osborne20142015SAC
Undergrad StudentSarah Hecht20142015FAC
Undergrad StudentRyan Hayes20142015FAC
Graduate StudentRachel KosoffEducation20142015GAA
Graduate StudentLibby WhiteEducation20142015GAA
Graduate StudentKaitlyn WegmanEducation20142015SAC



Alphabetical by Division

Academic AffairsPeter CorriganOffice of the Dean of the College20142016UPC
Academic AffairsRick ColocciaComputing & Information Technology20142015SAC
Admin & FinanceMegan KennerknechtFinancial Aid20132015SAC
Admin & FinanceSandra ArgentieriStudent Accounts20142016GAAC
Coll AdvancementRobin IrwinCollege Advancement20132015FAC
Student & Campus LifePaul DotterweichIntercollegiate Athletics & Rec20132015UPC
Student & Campus LifeSarah FrankResidence Life20142016AAC
Admin Sen - At LargeEmily FroomeOffice of International Programs20142016UCC








At Large: Over 6 Years


Alphabetical by Department



At Large: Over 6 YearsPaul PachecoAnthropology20132015AAC
At Large: Over 6 YearsDuane McPhersonBiology20132015SAC
At Large: Over 6 YearsRay SpearBiology20142016AAC-Chair
At Large: Over 6 YearsKazushige YokoyamaChemistry20142016UCC
At Large: Over 6 YearsDori FarthingGeological Sciences20142016UPC
At Large: Over 6 YearsMargaret StoleeHistory20132015UCC
At Large: Over 6 YearsLisa SmithMathematics20142016SAC
At Large: Over 6 YearsSue Ann BrainardMilne Library20142016UCC
At Large: Over 6 YearsKurt FletcherPhysics20132015UPC-co-Chair
At Large: Over 6 YearsDaniel RepinskiPsychology20132015SAC-Chair
At Large: Over 6 YearsLeigh O'BrienSchool of Education20132015FAC
At Large: Over 6 YearsSusan SalmonSchool of Education20142016AAC


At Large: 1-6 Years


Alphabetical by Department



At Large: 1-6 YearsChristina AgostinelliLanguages & Literatures20152015SAC
At Large: 1-6 YearsKathryn FredericksLanguages & Literatures20132015UCC
At Large: 1-6 YearsJon GonderMusic20132015UPC
At Large: 1-6 YearsAnnmarie UrsoSchool of Education20132015UCC


Departmental Senators


Alphabetical by Department



Dept SenatorMelanie MedeirosAnthropology20132015SAC
Dept Senator Art History20142016 
Dept SenatorTravis BaileyBiology20142016SAC
Dept SenatorDavid HoltzmanBiology20142016UUC
Dept SenatorJohn HaynieBiology20142016UPC
Dept SenatorJeffrey PetersonChemistry20142016UPC
Dept Senator Chemistry20132015 
Dept SenatorAtsushi TajimaCommunications20132015UPC
Dept SenatorBill HarrisonEnglish20142016UCC-Chair
Dept SenatorMaria LimaEnglish20142016GAA
Dept SenatorLytton SmithEnglish20132015FAC
Dept SenatorDarrell NorrisGeography20142016UCC
Dept SenatorAmy SheldonGeological Sciences20142016UPC-co-Chair
Dept SenatorTze-ki HonHistory20142016FAC
Dept SenatorHelena WaddyHistory20132015AAC
Dept SenatorLori BernardLanguages and Lit.20142016UPC
Dept SenatorPatrick RaultMathematics20132015FAC-Chair
Dept SenatorTony MaculaMathematics20142016AAC
Dept SenatorJustina ElmoreMilne Library20132015FAC, Parliamentarian
Dept SenatorDaniel RossMilne Library20142016SAC
Dept Senator Pam KurauMusic20142016 UCC
Dept Senator Music20142016 
Dept SenatorPhilosophy20132015FAC
Dept SenatorAnne PellerinPhysics20142016FAC
Dept SenatorEunju KangPolitical Science20132015FAC
Dept SenatorJennifer KatzPsychology20132015SAC
Dept SenatorChristine MerrileesPsychology20142016FAC
Dept Senator School of Business20142016 
Dept SenatorRichard GiffordSchool of Business20142016FAC
Dept SenatorMansokku LeeSchool of Business20132015FAC
Dept SenatorJane MorseSchool of Education20132015GAA-Chair
Dept SenatorCheryl KreutterSchool of Education20142016GAA
Dept SenatorJennifer KingSchool of Education20142016UCC
Dept SenatorYuichi TamuraSociology20132015GAA
Dept SenatorDenise ScottSociology20142016SAC
Dept SenatorSteven StubblefieldTheatre & Dance20132015UPC




Term Begins

Term Ends

Non-Senate Offices
UFS AlternateMaria LimaEnglish20132016