To recommend to the Executive Committee of the College Senate general policy relating to the professional affairs of the faculty and general policy on criteria for promotion and tenure of teaching Faculty. The Chair shall meet with the Chair of the Student Affairs Committee to consider recommendations affecting both Student Affairs and Faculty Affairs. At the request of either Chair, a joint meeting of the two Committees shall be convened and chaired by the Chair of the Committee requesting the joint meeting. Recommendations approved at the joint meeting of the two Committees shall be referred to the Executive Committee.  [Constitution of the Faculty: Article IX, Section V]

2013-2014 ROSTER

Teaching Faculty & ChairJim AllenPsychology
Administrative FacultyKris DreessenEditorial Services
Teaching FacultyLeigh O'BrienSchool of Education
Teaching FacultyJim AimersAnthropology
Teaching FacultyMarilynn BoardArts (History)
Teaching FacultyAmy SheldonGeological Sciences
Teaching FacultyHelena WaddyHistory
Teaching FacultyJustina ElmoreLibrary
Teaching FacultyPatrick RaultMathematics
Teaching FacultyHeidi SavagePhilosophy
Teaching FacultyKen DeutschPolitical Science
Teaching FacultyLei GaoSchool of Business
Teaching FacultyRichard GiffordSchool of Business
Teaching FacultyMansokku LeeSchool of Business
Undergraduate StudentBrandon Gaylord
Undergraduate StudentCarolyn Thornton


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