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Vice President: Olga Semertzidis


Hi I'm Olga Semertzidis, vice president of the the American Red Cross Club at SUNY Geneseo. I'm a senior history major, biology minor with a pre-medicine concentration. I've been part of ARC since my freshman year and it's been a great experience volunteering, setting up events like our campus blood drives, and working with the Livingston County Red Cross. The picture of me was taken in Ghana over the summer where I studied global health. I plan to use that experience and my time with the Red Cross after I graduate and go on to medical school.

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President: Sawyer Flandreau


My name is Sawyer Flandreau, President of the American Red Cross Club at SUNY Geneseo. I'm a Biochemistry/Spanish/French major, with aspirations to pursue high risk Obstetrics and Surgery. I'm also pursuing a Ph.D in experimental reproductive oncology. This club provides a good opportunity to get involved in the local community and help a lot of people, that's why I enjoy being VP. 

       Katie Treasurer

Treasurer: Katie Roche


Hi everyone! My name is Katie Roche and I am the treasurer of America Red Cross Club at Geneseo. I am a sophomore biology major with a mathematics minor. I joined Red Cross Club because it is a great way to get involved on campus and it provides many opportunities for volunteering in the community and worldwide.


Secretary: Jessica Diefendorf


Hey, I'm Jess, a senior biochemistry major.  I love volunteering and getting involved!  I'm active in several other organizations and enjoy providing other people with chances to get active in the community!


 Cailin Blood Drive Coordinator

Blood Drive Coordinator: Cailin Sofko

 Hey guys! My name is Cailin Sofko and I'm the Blood Drive Coordinator for the American Red Cross Club at SUNY Geneseo. I am currently a sophomore psychology major with a concentration in human development. I love being able to get active and help out in my community! Feel free to contact me if you want to get involved!

Webmaster: Shaneka Rodriguez


Hey guys! My name is Shaneka Rodriguez and I am a junior business administration and international relations double major. I love volunteering with the American Red Cross and giving back not only to Geneseo but the surrounding communities, as well as globally. It is a great way to be involved and leave an impact


               Public Relations Representative: Chris Atchinson


                I'm Chris and I'm a sophomore Biochemistry major. I love dancing, music, the beach, and

                the Red Cross Club! If you have any questions about getting involved, let me know!