PRISM, or Pursuing Rewards In the Study of Mathematics, recognizes and supports interest and achievement in mathematics. PRISM also encourages academic and social interaction between students and faculty. We attempt to have meetings, discussions, or events every two weeks.


Here is just a little bit of what we do: We have movie nights, game nights, Math Jeopardy, Math Price-Is-Right, REU/Graduate school discussions, design and sell math shirts, help run 'Math Day' workshops, and take field trips to Naples or Letchworth.


Math Shirts

T-Shirts: Every Spring semester PRISM designs a T-shirt. This spring's will say "Geneseo Mathematics" on the front and contain a so-called "Math Major Bucket List" on the back. We are currently holding vote to decide items will appear on the Bucket List. Votes may be submitted here: http://goo.gl/1xdvaS .


Sweat Shirts: Every Fall semester PRISM places an order for hoodies with the words “Math Department” on the front and sometimes there is a design on the back. Again, look and listen for announcements to announce when the shirts go on sale! The past fall's hoodies are in fact in and may be picked up! Send an email to prism@geneseo.edu for more info.