Emergency Drill Underway

Emergency Disaster Drill undereway on campus. Evacuate South, Welles, Frazier, Doty Halls and Saratoga Townhouses. All non-essential personnel go to designated evacuation areas on north and south campus. All classes, events and activities canceled for the rest of the day.

This communication only applies to this planning exercise.


Saratoga Townhouses

Saratoga Townhouses

Saratoga Terrace features townhouse-style living.

Each townhouse includes a a full kitchen, dining area, living room, two bathrooms, and either four or five bedrooms. There are 20 four-person townhouses and 24 five-person townhouses available for occupancy.

Area Coordinator: Kevin Hahn (585) 245-5766

Service Desk Phone: (585) 245-5315