There are plenty of places to eat on the Geneseo Campus!

These include large dining halls (Red Jacket and Mary Jemison), small specialized eating spots (Books 'N Bites, Fusion MarketMillenium Market and Southside Market), a Starbucks, and a food truch called The Chow Hound!

**Letchworth Dining Hall is now open!! Be sure to check out MaxMarket and Food Studio North on the upper floor!**

This variety allows you to choose to sit down for a meal, or grab something on the go.

All dining facilities on campus accept your meal plan as payment for your food. If you prefer to eat off campus, the Big Tree Inn also accepts Geneseo meal cards and provides for a more fine dining experience.

If you have dietary restrictions or guidelines for a medical or religious reason, please contact CAS to create a special eating arrangement. CAS is very willing to work out flexible meals or hours for students with dietary restrictions or guildines.