Backpack Lunches for Kids Program

What is the Backpack Lunch Program?

There are children in our Livingston County community that get breakfast and lunch at school for a reduced price. On weekends and holiday breaks these children often go hungry. The Backpack Lunch Program will send children home with food they can easily prepare over the weekend.

How are children selected for the Backpack Lunch Program?

We have selected 3 high need schools in Livingston County. Children will be recommended by the school through guidance counselors, nurses, teachers, etc.


How is food distributed to the children?

In order to maintain anonymity of the children involved in the Backpack Lunch Program, we have opted to use paper bags instead of backpacks. Kids will be able to just slip the paper bag right inside their own backpack, and don't have to worry about returning the bag to school on Monday. We will give the participating schools a supply of packed bags that they will distribute as needed on Friday afternoons. We will replenish the supply of packed bags as needed.


How do we select food for the Backpack Lunch Program?

When selecting food for the Backpack Lunch Program, we are looking for kid-friendly, nutritious, and lightweight items with a long shelf life.


What food are we looking for?

PB & crackers
Cheese & crackers
Fruit cups
Granola bars
Trail mix
Breakfast bars
Individual cereal boxes
Juice boxes


How can you help?

We appreciate your donations! You can donate individual food items or cases/boxes of food items. Our food will be stored at the Livingston County Office for the Aging beginning in January 2013. When delivering your donation to the Livingston County Office for the Aging, please specify that your donation is for the Backpack Lunch Program.

We are also in need of volunteers to pack the bags at the Livingston County Office for the Aging. If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, contact Kristin Schwab at


You can also participate in our current programs:

Kid-Friendly Food Drive at SUNY Geneseo
Kid-friendly food items can be dropped off in collection boxes in the College Union until the end of the semester. Students are encouraged to use their extra meal plan balance to purchase kid-friendly food items from the dining halls.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Leadership and Service
Kid-friendly food items will be collected as admission to the program. One of the service activities will involve packing bags with food.



Contact Dan Matthews at


The Backpack Lunches for Kids Program is sponsored by the Livingston County Office for the Aging, Chamber of Commerce, and SUNY Geneseo Center for Community.