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Why Health Insurance Is Important
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Health Insurance Coverage

Because Health & Counseling sometimes refers students off-campus for services beyond what we can provide, we strongly encourage students to have adequate health insurance. Be sure to check to see if you are covered by your family’s plan and if out-of-area services are covered.

[PLEASE NOTE: Services within Health & Counseling are covered by the Student Health Fee, which is completely different from private health insurance coverage and is MANDATED as part of each student's tuition; go here for more information.]

Why Health Insurance is Important

Many students think that health insurance isn’t something that they really need to worry about. Most college-aged people are relatively healthy, and have never had the experience of undergoing extensive treatment or a hospitalization. It’s easy to think that health insurance is something you will worry about "later."

But having health insurance is important even if you are not ill or don't think you will get sick. To make sure that you’re able to get any medical or mental health services you need, make sure that you have insurance. Full-time students up to age 26 may be covered by a parent’s or family member’s policy – be sure to check whether coverage extends to the Geneseo and Rochester areas. Any Geneseo student – full- or part-time, regardless of age – can also purchase the Student Insurance Plan offered through the College (see below).

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Student health Insurance Plan

For students without other insurance Student Assurance Services Inc. (serviced through Niagara National, Inc.) offers health insurance designed for SUNY Geneseo students. It makes no difference whether the accident or sickness occurs at the college, at home, while traveling, or while participating in sports. 

Specific benefits of the Student Insurance Plan include:

  • treatment by a physician (includes any licensed health care practitioner such as a psychologist, optometrist, podiatrist, chiropractor, physical therapist, or surgeon), licensed practical nurse, or registered nurse
  • hospital services including hospital stays, x-ray, operating room, anesthesia, and lab services
  • ambulance service
  • mental health disorders (up to 20 visits per year)
  • substance abuse treatment (up to 60 visits per year)

Additional important notes for the 2014-15 plan include the following:

  • Enrollment for the Fall semester must be purchased by September 24, 2014.
  • Enrollment for the Spring semester must be purchased by February 21, 2015.
  • Insurance must be purchased directly through the carrier, either by mailing in the application with check/money order or online at

For more information, please review the Student Health Insurance Plan 2014-15 Brochure.

Finally, if an accident or sickness does occur, students are encouraged first to utilize Health & Counseling services on campus prior to activating their benefits through the Student Insurance Plan.

Purchasing the Student health Insurance

Niagara National is an independent insurance company with a broker located in Geneseo; SUNY Geneseo does not profit from the sale of this insurance. For your convenience, however, Health & Counseling has arranged to assist you in purchasing the insurance.

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