Greek Challenge Standings

As of June 30, 2014

The Greek Challenge guarantees that the fraternity and sorority with the highest alumni participation rates will receive grand prizes of $7,000 each! Second place will receive $5,500, third place will receive $4,500 and all organizations reaching a benchmark of 15% participation will receive $2,000.




1st PlaceAlpha Delta Epsilon62.2% 1st PlaceSigma Alpha Mu84.0%
2nd PlaceAlpha Omega Pi31.1% 2nd PlaceOmega Beta Psi 80.5%
3rd PlaceClio/Phi Kappa Pi29.6% 3rd PlaceZeta Beta Xi36.5%
3rd PlaceSigma Delta Tau29.6% 4th PlaceSigma Nu/Chi 31.0%
4th PlacePhi Lambda Chi25.2% 5th PlaceDelta Kappa Tau21.0%
5th PlaceAgos/Alpha Kappa Phi24.0% 6th PlaceAlpha Chi Rho/Crows19.0%
6th PlaceArethusa/Sigma Gamma Phi21.3% 7th PlacePhi Kappa Chi/Sigma/Prometheus17.6%
7th PlaceDelta Phi Epsilon19.9% 8th PlacePhi Sigma Xi/Phi Sigma Epsilon16.0%
8th PlaceRoyal Lady Knights16.2% 9th PlaceTau Kappa Epsilon15.7%
9th PlaceSigma Kappa13.2% 10th PlaceSigma Phi/Theta Epsilon15.7%
 11th PlaceSig Tau Psi15.0%