Class Leadership

A great way to stay connected to Geneseo and honor the people, programs and memories that we cherish is through our Class Leadership Program! Representatives or Class Agents from different class years volunteer their time and efforts to reconnect with their fellow classmates. Agents share Geneseo news, spread the word about regional and on campus events, collect feedback and encourage classmates to update their information with Geneseo.

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Class Giving

Aside from reaching out to classmates to catch up, Class Agents also encourage their classmates to make a gift to Geneseo annually. Recent class years are challenging each other for the highest class participation rate by raising funds that can be designated to athletics, scholarships, an academic department or any other program. Check out the current standings below and may the best class year win!

Young Alumni Class ParticipationClass ParticipationYoung Alumni Class DollarsClass Dollars