A Knight's Challenge 2014 Standings

Below are the standings as of June 30, 2014. Thank you for your support!



1st PlaceWomen's Tennis31.8% 1st PlaceMen's Hockey37.6%
2nd PlaceWomen's Field Hockey30.1% 2nd PlaceMen's Swimming22.2%
3rd PlaceWomen's Cross Country17.8% 3rd PlaceMen's Basketball18.0%
4th PlaceWomen's Swimming17.7% 4th PlaceMen's Lacrosse15.6%
5th PlaceWomen's Basketball17.4% 5th PlaceMen's Soccer12.1%
6th PlaceWomen's Lacrosse16.3% 6th PlaceMen's Cross Country9.3%
7th PlaceWomen's Track15.7% 7th PlaceMen's Track8.9%
8th PlaceWomen's Soccer14.0% 
9th PlaceWomen's Volleyball12.0% 
10th PlaceWomen's Softball8.1% 
11th PlaceWomen's Equestrian7.2%