A Knight's Challenge

A Knight’s Challenge is back! It’s once again time to support your team in their quest to achieve success in competition, in the classroom and in the community. Dan Loughran ’86, Kevin Canty ’77, Keith Olsen '78 and The Ambassador Apartments are sponsoring A Knight’s Challenge 2013-2014.  The challenge guarantees that the men’s and women’s teams with the highest percentage of alumni participation will each receive a grand prize of $7,000! Second place teams will receive $5,500, third place teams receive $4,500 and all teams reaching 15% participation will receive $2,000.

Last year, more than 600 alumni-athletes accepted A Knight’s Challenge. The ice hockey team led the way on the men’s side as 50% of former players rallied to give back to Geneseo. The swimming & diving program finished runner-up with 26% of its alums making a donation, followed by the basketball team with 21%. For the women, field hockey earned the top spot with 37% participation, followed by swimming & diving with 22% and basketball with 21%. In addition, the men’s soccer and women’s volleyball programs each reached the 15% qualifying participation rate.

A Knight’s Challenge and additional gifts to Geneseo make an immediate and lasting impact on our athletic teams as they help to fund travel to tournaments and championships, enhancements to existing facilities, state of the art training equipment and much more. 

How can you help meet A Knight's Challenge and turn your donation into a $7,000 gift for your team?

To qualify as a participant and help your team win, alumni-athletes need to makes $20 unrestricted gifts to Geneseo or match their unrestricted gifts from last year – whichever amount is greater. Learn more about qualifying gifts.

Accept the challenge!

By making a $20 gift for Geneseo to use where the need is greatest and participating in A Knight’s Challenge, you may not only win bragging rights and a portion of the challenge money for your team, you will also help to build a tradition of repeatable, consistent alumni giving. Unrestricted gifts to Geneseo provide support for scholarships, research, extracurricular organizations, academic departments, athletics and leadership training. Once you’ve made your challenge gift, you may also include an additional gift to your team through the Roundtable Athletic Association (RAA) and be eligible for RAA member benefits.  If you were a member of a fraternity or sorority, your qualifying gift will also apply to the Greek Challenge!

We will be posting updates on Which Teams are Winning and on Facebook.

Please encourage your teammates to participate. The challenge funds can make an extraordinary difference for the teams that earn the top three awards - helping to fund travel to tournaments and championships, new uniforms and warm-ups, updated equipment and so much more!

Thanks in large part to A Knight’s Challenge, Geneseo experienced a 34% increase in the overall number of alumni who donated to the College last year. You again have the opportunity to make a huge difference for Geneseo. You can lead the way by accepting the challenge that Dan and Kevin have presented! If you would like to volunteer to help spread the word among your former teammates, please email fund@geneseo.edu.

Thank you for your support - and may the best teams win!

Visit the RAA Online Giving Page to join A Knight's Challenge and make a gift today!