CIT Professional Staff

CIT's Mission is to provide outstanding leadership and support to the college community in computing, voice and data communications and instructional technologies.

The CIT department consists of 31 highly qualified staff members located in South Hall and Newton Hall. CIT provides a wide range of technology services and support to the SUNY Geneseo community. The department is divided in to four functional areas: Support Services, Systems & Networking, Information Systems, and Instructional Technologies.

Reference: CIT Organization Chart (PDF)

Sue Chichester
CIO & Director, CIT
Linda Ludlum
Database Administrator
Paul Anderson
Lead Programmer/Analyst
Jay Masters
Network Analyst
Dr. Kirk Anne
Assistant Director & Manager, Systems & Networking
Michele Messenger
Assistant Director & Manager, Instructional Technologies
Shawn Austin
Technology Support Professional
Bill Meyers
Project Engineer, Instructional Technologies
Sam Bean
Technology Support Professional
Craig Moscicki
Systems Analyst
Rick Coloccia
Network Manager
Tamara Phillips
Technology Support Professional
Joe Dolce
Instructional Support Coordinator
Shawn Plummer
Systems Manager
Laurie Fox
Assistant Director & Manager, Support Services
Steve Praino
Technology Specialist
Brian Galliford
Technology Support Professional
Chris Sandefer
Sr. Programmer Analyst
Scott Graham
Production Analyst
Marie Shero
Telephone and LMS Services Manager
Lani Helmer
Keyboard Specialist 2
Gary Stratton
Technical Services Coordinator
Justin Hugg
Lead Programmer Analyst
Nikolas Varrone
Technology Support Professional
Paul Jackson
Assistant Director & Manager, Information Systems
Gang Wang
Web Developer
Vanessa Karasiewicz
David Warden
Systems Analyst
Travis Kershner
Network Analyst
Mary Willet-Massar
Sr. Programmer / Analyst
John King
Sr. Web Developer