The accounting major provides a thorough understanding of modern accounting principles and procedures within the broader context of a quality undergraduate liberal arts education.  As an accounting major at Geneseo, you are not just taught accounting; rather, you learn to think critically about and do accounting through numerous individual and group decision-making projects, case analysis, writing and speaking assignments, and independent research projects.  Our program is a professional degree program that is registered by the state of New York to qualify graduates to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountancy (CPA) exam.  It provides the 150 hours required by the accounting profession for those interested in public accounting, through a one year Masters Program.  Students completing this program receive a B.S. in Accounting and M.S. in Accounting.  For more information on specific requirements:  BS AccountingMS Accounting.


Business Administration

The Geneseo business administration program is designed for those who want to lead and make decisions, rather than follow and implement the decisions of others.  As a business administration major you will first develop your critical thinking skills through a broad liberal arts core and exposure to the principals of accounting, economics, mathematics, ethics, and law.  You then become actively involved in decision-making areas such as marketing, human resources, finance, and international business through numerous group presentations, independent research projects and internships.  You may also choose one of our 4-1 programs that allow you to save a year in earning your MBA degree.  For more information on specific requirements: BS Business Administration.



The Economics major is a general education degree program that seeks to combine the breadth, analytical development, and flexibility of a liberal arts degree with a focus on the world of economic activity.  The Economics major includes a thorough theoretical, quantitative, and empirical foundation.  Emphasis is given to the development of critical thinking and oral and written communication skills.  The program seeks to prepare students for a wide array of positions in both the public and private sectors, as well as to qualify them for admission to graduate programs in a variety of fields.  Economics graduates at Geneseo follow a number of career paths: graduate school in economics programs; graduate school in M.B.A., law, public administration, and other programs; and entry into employment in a number of fields.  Economics students frequently combine their economics major with internships, study abroad, independent research, and related study in the social science, computer science, or mathematics fields.  As a result, they are in great demand by employers, graduate schools, and law schools.  For more information on specific requirements: BA Economics.


BS Accounting
BS Business Administration
Business Studies Minor
BA Economics
Economics Minor