Art history faculty

Lynette Bosch

Department Chair and Professor
Brodie 230. 245-5419

Ancient,Medieval,Renaissance, Baroque and Latin American Art, Identity Theory, Liturgy and Ritual

Alla Myzelev

Visiting Assistant Professor
Brodie 229.  245-5841

Contemporary Global Art, Modern Art, 19th Century Art, Gender Studies, Global Crafts, Art and Media Technology, Museum Studies

Kristina Laun

Adjunct Faculty
Brodie 231. 245-5841

ARTH 171, ARTH 173, ARTH 180

Hillary Toothe

Adjunct Faculty
Brodie 102. 245-5841

American Art, INTD 105

Thomas MacPherson

Professor of Art

Brodie 227

Drawing, Watercolor, Egg Tempera Painting

Cynthia Hawkins

Gallery Director and Adjunct Faculty

Brodie 226

African-American Art

Charles Burroughs

Visiting Adjunct Professor (Fall 2016)

Architectural History, Urban Planning, Classical Tradition