AOP Summer Program

The staff of the Access Opportunity Programs (AOP) and I are pleased to welcome you to SUNY Geneseo and its 2014 Summer Program.  As you know, the AOP department consists of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and the Transitional Opportunity Program (TOP).  The summer program staff, which consists of college professionals and current AOP students, is eager to serve you.

During the summer program, you will have the opportunity to personalize relationships with Geneseo faculty and staff, as well as acquire information about matters that can impact your life as a student.  Other summer program activities consists of pre-summer program placement testing to ensure proper course selection and a parent/student orientation; participation in the College's General Orientation; workshops on academic skills and campus life; academic advisement and course registration for the fall term.  The AOP professional staff and the summer program student staff will be available to provide personal assistance with any concerns that you might have. 

In order to help you plan accordingly, we have provided links to specific summer program information below.  Please pay special attention to click only on the link for the program to which you have been accepted (e.g. EOP or TOP), as you are only required to submit the information contained there.  Registration and required data forms can now be submitted electronically using the links below or can be printed and mailed back to the AOP department at the following address:


AOP Department - Summer Program
SUNY College at Geneseo
Blake C -119
1 College Circle
Geneseo, New York 14454

This information is designed to give you an overview of the AOP Summer Program, as well as to allow your advisor to gain more personal insight into your goals and aspirations.  You will receive more detailed instruction from AOP Orientation Staff once you arrive on campus.  Please read the information contained in this website carefully and feel free to phone the AOP department at (585) 245-5725 if you have any questions or concerns.  Please click on the respective tab for the specific program you were admitted to within the AOP department.  Here you will find all of the necessary paperwork that you will need regarding the 2014 AOP Summer Program.  Within each site you will find a series of forms which need to be completed and returned to the AOP department.  For those who would like to provide this information electronically, please see that option provided below as well.  Again, welcome to SUNY Geneseo and the AOP Summer Program and we are looking forward to sharing the higher education experience with you.

New! Electronic Forms for EOP and TOP:






2014 Summer Orientation Fees & Testing
Important Details
Area Accommodations
Final Checklist
2014 AOP Summer Program Evaluation
Summer Program Weekly Summary (currently inactive)